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Help! I'm Taking Organic Chemistry!
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8th-Oct-2006 04:40 pm(no subject)
'Allo, there. This community seems pretty empty, but maybe that will change, and the person who created this seems still active.

Entirely selfishly, I have an organic chemistry question, and probably very little I can give in return since I'm more of a physics kind of guy. Thus, your help is greatly and gratefully appreciated.

We're separating a neutral compound (azobenzene) from an organic base (m-nitroaniline) using liquid-liquid extraction. The two compounds are dissolved in ether, and we add aqueous sulfuric acid to cause the salt of the base to precipitate into the aqueous layer.

Now, I get the gist for when we're dealing with hydrochloric acid, but it's only got one free proton. Our organic base has an amine group and a nitrite group, which suggests to me that there are two sites for proton acceptance. Thus, does the sulfuric acid twice deprotonate? And then would the salt be (+)NH3---SO4(2-), or what?

Thanks very much for any help.
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